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Pit Boss makes its mark on sauce
by:Eric Cormier

An applause is warranted for Lake Charles barbecue sauce mavericks Scot Lejeune and David Miles. What started out as an idea about a decade ago and slowly oozed like a sauce into reality is a business that is starting to pick up the pace in the local market.


These guys own and operate Pit Boss BBQ Sauce and a basting sauce/ marinade. I met the guys recently and had the chance to pick their brains and find out all the little details as to how the business got started, what their dreams are, and most importantly if their product is any good.

For starters, their slogan is classic Treat your meat that is if you are going to cook chicken, beef, pork or any other edible food product that walks, flies or is grown. Lejeune, 38, explained that the sauce concept was born out of the belief he could make a sauce that would taste good and not irritate gentle stomachs. Ive taken flavors from the region and put them together to create my own flavor. I wanted to conquer the heartburn that some sauces cause but keep the flavor, he said. That means the sauce is made with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, herbs, spices and other goodies that a discriminating barbecue sauce lover appreciates. He notes that unlike some sauces hes eaten, onions arent the dominant flavor.

Lejeune believes in his product, cooking with it regularly. Grilling is one of his favorite methods of cooking. The day we spoke, he had a bag of charcoal in his truck bed and his business partner, Mike Cironi, let me know that Lejeune will grill at a moments notice. Cironi, is working with Lejeune to assist Pit Boss in becoming a household standard across the area. This will eventually be a hometown-guys-make-good story, Cironi said.

Its interesting that the opportunity to sit and talk with the Pit Boss guys provided itself. A recent American Press editorial encouraged area readers to Eat more Louisiana products. Pit Boss is one of those, and of the 16 ingredients in the sauces, only three originate outside of Louisiana. And thats because we cant get them here, Lejeune said.

There are lots of barbecue sauces on store shelves. Everyone has likes and dislikes about the products that are already present. Still, if a bottle of marinade or sauce is good, theres a good chance the product will sell. Lejeune thinks Pitt Boss is what a lot of people in the market place want. I went to a store to talk to the manager about getting my sauce in. She said there were 1,000s of sauces already. I said now there is 1,001, Lejeune recalled.

By: Eric Cormier We would love to have our products available if your market or local store, if you would like information about Pit Boss products and woudl like to see our products on your store shelves, please contact us.
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