Our barbecue and basting sauces and marinades are so good that you will forget all the other sauces and marinades and use our product for all your barbecuing, basting, and marinating needs. It is that good. We stake our reputation on it.

Our History:

Ten years ago, our founder, an avid purveyor of the grill, found himself yearning for a better way to treat his meat.

Unsatisfied by the many offerings of the time (and suffering with heartburn), he decided to develop one of his own. Armed with the best local ingredients he could find, the journey for sauce and marinade perfection had begun. Over the course of the next few years the formula changed many times with constant input from friends and family. Persistence turned into obsession and obsession into one of the most original tastes to hit the market in years.

After all the hard work was done, the boss of sauce was born. Now its time to TREAT YOUR MEAT, from our kitchen to yours, Bon Apptit!
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